By Cheryl Hodgson

Shooting a video blog has never been easier. With the iPhone 5, a couple of small accessories, and Gina D’s Video Quest Adventure, anyone with a smart phone and the desire can share their brand message, build an audience and expand their client base.

Once a Hollywood cinematographer, Gina D recently launched Gina D’s Smartphone Video Techniques training to enable one to master the art of cinematic video using your smartphone. Now even I have no more excuses!

I’ve been on my own journey learning to launch a video blog, and I confess some challenges.

First, I was a bit intimidated at the notion of mastering the technology, and my own self-talk. Then there was the cost of equipment. No longer is either an excuse to prevent you from sharing your talents with the world. A smartphone video blog is a powerful way to sharing one’s brand and messages and connect personally with a potential client base., an early video blog, helped catapult the Gary V personal brand to fame. #GaryVee Serves Up the Hashtag.

Gina D’s video training series is not just about the nuts and bolts of shooting fantastic videos with ease. Her Video Quest Adventure offers the added opportunity to experience the beauty and lifestyle of the Central Coast of California in the process of hands on learning in a magnificent setting.

Gina’s shares her own passion: “While I am teaching the nuts and bolts of how to along with a where to, I am also teaching people how to share their stories, their memories, their business messages and their adventures.”

Get inspired, find your voice, and tell your story with Gina D’s Video Quest Adventure. I’ll be posting the results of my efforts resulting from Gina’s training here so stay tuned.