On March 11th Apple will begin shipping the iPad 2. While retaining 10 hours of battery life and a month of standby, Apple has added cameras, faster CPUs, a gyroscope and a dual-core CPU. In fact the pricing is staying the same as the original iPad.

The new iPad 2 is thinner than your iPhone 4 at just 8.8mm think. The iPad 2 will have a new chip Apple calls the A5, which features Dual-core processors, up to 2X faster then the A4 chip, up to 9X faster graphics and has the same low power requirements as the previous iPad.

It will ship in both Black and a White version and be available for both AT&T and Verizon.

The new iPad 2 will now have a true 1080p HDMI video output, that will work with all apps and supports rotation.