The Honda ENEPO EU9iGB generator is the second generator from Honda to be powered by in-home-use butane gas canisters. The ENEPO EU9iGB generator can output 900VA and features Honda’s original high-speed multi-polar alternator generation system and sine wave inverter, enabling it to power to sensitive equipment such as your Macintosh, TiVo VOIP Phones or router/modems. Keep in mind that this is intended for use outdoor use only. The Honda ENEPO EU9iGB generator has a fold-down handle that makes it easy to pull it out when the need arrises.

Compared to Honda gasoline-powered 900VA generators, the ENEPO EU9iGB produces about 10% lower CO2 emissions per hour. The new generator will go on sale on May 13 at Honda power products dealers, Honda-designated home centers, Honda Cars automobile dealers and Honda motorcycle dealers throughout Japan. USA release dates have not been announced as of this writing.

The Eco-Throttle function automatically optimizes engine RPMs based on the power consumption of powered devices, contributing to enhanced fuel economy and reduced noise, which is perfect when you have close by neighbors.

On a less serious note, it does has a warning LED to indicate when the unit is laying on its side. I am guessing that you could figure this out, when you tilt your head to read the display.

[From Honda]