detail_7_Keybot_MediumWhile helping a client at the Apple Store Topanga today, I ran into Damien Stolarz (author of iPhone Hacks) talking about a keyboard for the iPhone. Naturally this peaked my interest as this is a commonly requested item from my clients.

The hardware component works with iPhone 2G currently with a iPhone 3GS version in the works. It is really quite remarkable, as “KeyBot” uses sound from the iPhone and translates it into infrared signals sent to the wireless keyboard, such as the readily available Targus PDA keyboard.

To read more about the tech behind this visit Perceptive Development’s blog.

Perceptive Development has an application, called Tin Can! that will take advantage of this hardware, which is currently available in the App store. Tin Can! is is an iPhone app “that allows you to transmit text from one iPhone to another iPhone without using a network connection.”

[Hardware available from DroidSupply]