biOrbThe original biOrb was created bank in 1999. The large crystal clear acrylic globe with the replaceable filter cartridges made it unique and easy to maintain, while keeping it very stylish. Over the years, biOrb’s creator, Reef One, has continued to develop many new and innovative products such as their Intelligent LED light, which mirrors a natural day cycle including a sunrise and sunset. While this light does add to the esthetic of the biOrb, it also provides a better more natural environment for the fish.

The current biOrb collention ranges in size from 15 litres (4 gallons) to 60 litres (16 gallons). They also have a collection called biUbe, which is a cylinder. These are very interesting designs and there is no shortage of accessories to personalize your tank with. From “Swap Tops” which come in a range of colors, to various plant life and Samuel Baker Aquarium Sculptures.

[via Reef One]

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