Disneyland announced today their “in-park” vaccine service. Starting April 1st, the California based resort will begin giving park guests their COVID-19 vaccines while riding one of the older attractions in the park; The Matterhorn Bobsleds. A Disney spokesperson said “ We feel this is the best location to help our guests get protected. They’re are already battered and bruised from riding the bobsleds, so they will not notice any sore arm pain from the vaccine.”  Disneyland Resort began training the staff of Trader Sam’s, who are already proficient in the use dart guns, to “accurately deploy the vaccine to a guest riding on a moving vehicle” said Dr. Pamela Hymel, CMO of Disney Parks. While the vaccines will be free, guests will be able to purchase a PhotoPass photo of the moment of injection. “New high speed shutter cameras have been developed especially for this use.” To get you vaccination at Disneyland, just download the Disneyland app to your iPhone and use the in-app reservation system.