May 28, 2014

Lost Keys, No More

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The concept of try to find lost keys in a purse is familiar to many, whether it is your purse or your significant others’,  countless hours have been wasted try to find them. A clever inventor has come up with the solution in a product with an equally clever name, Finders Key Purse. Simply connect it to your key ring and you keys just hand on the inside of your purse. It is available in many different styles.

The idea for Finders Key Purse came to owner and inventor Sandy Stein literally in a dream! At the time Sandy was 52, a career flight attendant, and mother of a 10 year old boy. Then, using her life savings, launched Finders Key Purse® in December 2004. She and her team sold 1 million pieces in her first year of operation! Its a

Over 8 million have been sold to date and Alexx, Inc. has 12,000 customers throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, Middle East, & New Zealand.

They are available from their website or

Finders Key Purse Alexx Honu Key Finder (01C-160)
Finders Key Purse Alexx Honu Key Finder (01C-160)
  • Patented hook makes finding keys quick and easy cute design shows on the outside and keys hang safely inside
  • Save time and keep safe - no more doing "the dig" in the bottom of purse or bag
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Decorate your purse/bag with one of many fashionable designs
  • An easy find every time
  • Material Type: Steel

Manufacturer: Alexx, Inc. Finders Key Purse
Status: In Stock.
List Price: $8.95 USD
Amazon Price: $8.95 USD

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