Tired of Bad Parking?

January 3, 2014

Parking CardsAccording to their creator, GeekBeat.tv: “People suck at parking. You should let them know. Here’s how.”

“We’ve all seen it a hundred times. You’re driving through a busy parking lot and you spot an open space up ahead! You feel like you’ve hit the lottery!!! Until you get up close and see that someone parked their Hummer WAAAYYY over the line, taking up two perfectly good spots. Well instead of pulling a Dexter on ’em, or maybe taking a key to the side of their car, or a pocket knife to the tire, or… well you get the picture. Instead of all that, how about just leaving them a polite little card that lets them know how you really feel!

By the way, the Bad Parking Cards started out life as a Kickstarter project! It was fully funded in a matter of days, and went on to achieve 225% of the original goal, so MUCH love goes out to the Kickstarter community for making this dream a reality!

And one other little item of note – these cards get shipped out of our warehouse in Dallas, TX on a daily basis. So if you order them, we’ll make sure and get them on their way ASAP!

As a bonus, every order of Bad Parking Cards help subsidize the FREE content produced for GeekBeat.TV. Thanks so much!”

Bad Parking Cards: 9 Original Funny & Creative Designs (Box of 250) Not Listed


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