Ready to get you iPhone up to 88 miles an hour? TMSoft has made available a Flux Capacitor for the iPhone, which will take your iPhone back in time and reference information from that date. There are a couple warnings about using it. First, never feed it after midnight. Second, never get it wet. Oh, wait, wrong 80’s movie reference. See the “real” warnings below.

– Animated glowing flux capacitor
– Multi-touch finger prints with lightning effects
– Accelerometer quick charge
– Digital display of current date
– Computerized voice guidance system
– Tech News of the year

NOTE: The Flux manual was lost and it is uncertain how to safely operate it. We do know that shaking the device increases flux power and touching it drains it of energy. The computerized voice guidance system attempts to help you with the dangers of time travel but it is slightly unreliable.

WARNING: Flux capacitor requires 1.21 jigawatts of power and drains the battery very fast. Time travel is an extremely difficult process and results may vary.

[via iTunes]